Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of VINDEC is to give customers the best option in the industry. For many years, VINDEC has maintained an excellent reputation for high quality products and service.We have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and unparalleled expertise in the field of sealing products.

VINDEC has an excellent team who are willing and ready to help you with your order. We only use the latest and best technology in the field to ensure that only the highest quality products are sold.

VINDEC advantages include:

> Quality certification

All of our products are authenticated by ISO9001 / SGS

> Strict inspection

We have three inspections in order to ensure the products we are selling are only that of the best quality. The first inspection is done when the product is finished being manufactured. 10% of all of our products are randomly inspected. One last inspection is conducted right before they are packaged..

> No quantity limited

We have large supplies on hand of many of our main products and no minimum order is required..

> Special products

If there is a specific product you wish to have designed, send us your specifications and our experts can create it for you.

> Provide customized packaging

If you require specific packing instructions we will be sure to carry them out for you.

> Excellent service

VINDEC has an excellent staff that will keep updated on new products as well as the shipping progress of your order.