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KITZ Valves

- Valves are products that are rarely noticed, yet they play a vital role in our daily life. Each time you turn on a water faucet or a gas range, or use your water heater, you operate a valve. Valves help preserve our quality of life by controlling flow of all types. They are essential to our homes and to virtually all manufacturing processes, as well as every industrial plant and system.

- There are a large variety of valves and valve configurations for a wide variety of purposes and conditions: different uses (on/off, control), different fluids (liquid or gas; combustible, toxic or corrosive), different materials (metal or nonmetal) and different pressure and temperature conditions (low, medium or high pressure applications and low-, room- or high-temperature applications).

KITZ Valve Types and Configurations

• KITZ - Ball Valves : Fig. SZA600, T400, TN400, TK600, UTKM600, 10UT, 10UTB, 20UTB, 150UTB, 300UTB, 125FCTB, 10FCTB, 10STBF, 10SCTB, 20SCTB, 150SCTB-FS, 300SCTB-FS, 10UTB2L, 10UTB2T... 

• KITZ - Globe Valves : Fig. A100, C150, BH, CA, JB, 10SJ, 10SJBF, 10SPBOF, 10SPBO, 10FCJ, 125FCJ, 150SPBO, 16SP, 16SPB, 16SPBO, 20SY, 20SYB, 20SYBO, 300SYB, 300SYBO, 150SCJS, 300SCJS, 600SCJS, UCL, UCB, UJB, 200UJ, UAB, 10UPA, 20UPA

• KITZ - Gate Valves : FH125, EBH, 125FCL, 10FCL, 10FCHI, 10SM, 10SMBF, 16SMBO, 150SMBO, 150SCLS, 300SCLS, 600SCLS, UEL, UEB, 10UMA, 150UMA, 300UMA, 600UMA

• KITZ - Check Valves : Fig. F150, R125, YR, RF, 10SF, UN, UO, UOM, 10SFBF, UOB, OB, 10FCO, 10FWZ, 125FCO, 20SN, 150SRB, 150SCOS, 300SCOS, 600SCOS, 900SCOS, 1500SCOS, 10UMA, 150UMA, 300UMA, 10SWU, 150UNA, 150UOA, 300UOA, 600UOA, 150UOAM, 300UNA,  300UOAM, AK150UOM, AK300UOM

• KITZ - Butterfly Valves : 10XJMEA, G-10XJMEA, 16XJME, PN16XJME, FV, 10DJU, G-10DJU, 10CU, 10C, 10DJUE, GL-10DJUE, 16DJ, PN16DJ, G-PN16DJ, G-16DJ, 16DJE, 10UB, GL-10UB, GL-16UB...

• KITZ - Strainer : Fig Y, 10FCY, UY, UYB, 125FCY, 10FDYB, 16FDYB, 20FDYB

KITZ - Materials Used In Valves

- Bronze, Brass, Cast iron lining, Cast steel, Special alloy steel, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Ductile cast iron

KITZ - Working Pressure Range

- Pressure and temperature ratings take into account function and price to help our customers easily select the most suitable valve for their work. The pressure and temperature ratings refer to the relation between the fluid temperature and the maximum pressure each valve can withstand at that temperature. Products are grouped by material, and each is shown with its rating.

- Nonmetal materials, mainly PTFE, are employed as seats in KITZ ball valves. Each seat material has its own pressure rating, independent of the rating for the valve body.

- Ball valves can only be used within a range of values that satisfies both the above-mentioned ratings. If, for example, your selected valve employs rubber O-rings as stem and seat retainer seals, then the rated range for that valve is the lower of the two values.

♦ Body Ratings (Material Ratings)

- As specified in JIS B 2220, JIS B 2239 and JIS B 2240 and ASME B16.34.

♦ Seat Ratings

- According to the ball seat material type and valve size.

KITZ - Valve Connection

Threaded Ends

- The valve is connected to the pipe using pipe threads. This connection type is used primarily for relatively small valves, not exceeding 2 inches with a pressure level of 1 MPa or lower. Unlike other connection methods, the threaded type does not require small parts (bolts and nuts, etc.), making it economical. However, this type of connection is difficult to repair. There are two types of threading: internal and external threads, and tapered and parallel threads. Most valves employ the tapered thread type.

 Flanged Ends

- End connections are in the shape of a flange and the two flanges are connected using bolts and nuts. Flanged connections are the most common method of connecting valves, regardless of the pressure level (from low to high pressure levels) and valve size (from small to large valves).

♦ Welding  Ends

- The valve is welded directly to the pipe. This connection is usually used where perfect shutoff of leakage is crucial, for example in high-temperature and high-pressure pipeline systems. There are two types of weld: socket weld and butt-weld.

- Socket weld : The welded end of the valve is formed in the shape of a socket, into which the pipe is inserted and then welded to the valve. This connection is used primarily for small valves, not exceeding 2 inches.

- Butt weld : The valve and pipe ends are abutted to each other and then welded to form the connection. The two butt edges are beveled for jointing. This connection method can be used for valves of any size

KITZ - Method of Operation

Valves can be operated manually or automatically (with an actuator).

♦ Manual Operation

There are three types of manual operation.

- Handle Types:  A handle is ordinarily used for manual operation of gate and globe valves. (The photograph illustrates a stainless steel gate valve with a handle.)

- Lever Handle Types : A lever handle is ordinarily used for manual operation of ball valves. (The photo illustrates a bronze ball valve with a lever handle.)

- Gear Operated : A gear-operated valve is ordinarily used for manual operation of butterfly and ball valves. There are two additional options: the hammer blow and chain wheel types. (The photo illustrates a gear-operated aluminum butterfly valve.)

♦ Automatic Operation

There are two types of automatic operation, according to the driving source of the actuator.

- Electric actuator : The actuator is driven by electric power (AC or DC). (The photo illustrates an EXH type actuator.)

- Pneumatic actuator : The actuator is driven by compressed air. (Photo illustrates an FAS type actuator.)

Application of KITZ Valves

- Industrial facilities; Building facilities; Oil refineries, Chemical, Foods,  petrochemical complexes; Gas industry...

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