Stainless Steel 304/316 Ball Valve 3PC Threaded Ends



Van Bi INOX 304/316 Nối Ren 3 Mảnh 1000 WOG

 Áp lực / Nhiệt độ: 63bar / 180 độ C
Điều khiển bằng tay gạt
Ứng dụng: Dùng cho Water, Oil, Neutral gas, Liquid, Acid..etc

Stainless Steel 304/316 Ball Valve 3PC Threaded Ends

High performance 3 piece full bore 316 Stainless Steel ball valve with BSP threaded connections. Self adjusting stem packing assembly with belleville spring for temperature fluctuations and vibration. Pre drilled metric hole on ISO5211 direct mounting pad to minimise any thermal transfer from valve to actuator. Reinforced PTFE seats for temperatures up to 180°C. This ball valve has a lockable lever operation so it can be locked in one position if needed. Typical applications include water treatment, chemical, marine, petrochemical and general industry. Length to DIN3202-M3, Threads to ISO7/1 and mounting pad to ISO5211. Watermark valves available upon request, contact Sales for more information. Watermark License Number WMK26529 approved to WMTS 012:2018.



Size 1/4" to 4" BSP
Body 316 Stainless Steel 3 piece
Seat Reinforced PTFE
Pressure 63 BAR
Temperature -20°C to 180°C
Actuation Lockable Lever or Gear Box



Tem Part Material Qty
1 Body CF8M 1
2 Ball SS316 1
3 Ball Seat 15%RPTFE 2
4 Thrust Washer PTFE 1
5 Body Gasket PTFE 2
6 O-Ring Viton 1
7 Stem Packing PTFE 1
8 Gland SS304 1
9 Tab Washer SS304 1
10 Stopper SS304 1
11 Spring Washer SS304 1


Item Part Material Qty
12 Stem SS316 1
13 Nut SS304 2
14 Handle SS304 1
15 Handle Cover Plastic 1
16 Belleville Washer SS301 2
17 Spring Washer SS304 4
18 Nut SS304 4
19 Bolt SS304 4
20 Cap CF8M (1.4408) 2
21 Stop Pin SS304 1


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