Stainless Steel 316 Auto Return Electric Ball Valve



Van Bi Điều Khiển Điện INOX 316 Nối Ren

Áp lực / Nhiệt độ: 10kgf/m2 / 90 độ C
Điều khiển bằng 1 pha, 220V AC - IP67
Ứng dụng: Dùng cho Water, Oil, Neutral gas, Liquid, Acid..etc

Stainless Steel 316 Auto Return Electric Ball Valve

The BAS series electrically actuated ball valves automatically returns the valve to its original position when de-energised. The compact design works in the same way as a solenoid valve and can be considered ‘fail safe’ once the storage capacitor has charged up (approx 60 seconds). Unlike a solenoid valve the BAS can take full pressure in either direction, eliminating the need for a check valve. The BAS series has a wide range of industry applications namely; dirty or contaminated fluids, viscous fluids, some corrosive fluids (check compatibility), gravity feed applications, anti water hammer slow close function, IP65 corrosive resistant enclosure, low power/solar/battery operated circuits (12-24v AC/DC). All sizes come with a manual override. Threads conform to ISO 7.1 Sealing Threads.



Size: 1/2" to 1" BSP
Body: 316 Stainless Steel
Seat: PTFE
Pressure: 10 BAR
Temperature: 0°C to 90°C
Actuation: Capacitor Return Low voltage



Size (BSP) Size (mm) Media Pressure Media Temperature
1/2" 15 0 to 10 Bar 2°C to 90°C
3/4" 20 0 to 10 Bar 2°C to 90°C
1" 20 0 to 10 Bar 2°C to 90°C



Body Material 316 S.S
Ball Material 316 S.S
Seat Material PTFE with Viton O’Ring
Enclosure Thermoplastic IP65
Current 5 Watt Max (45 ~ 100 mA)
Current Draw at rest (open or close position) 20 Milli Amp
Capacitor Charge Time 60 Seconds
Open/Close Time 5 Seconds
Mounting Any Attitude
Media Pressure 10 BAR Max
Media Temperature 0°C to 90°C


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