ZETKAMA Valves Poland

- ZETKAMA is a company with 75 years of experience and more than 75 foreign markets, on which sells iron castings and industrial valves, ie. stop valves, bellow valves, control valves, check valves, safety valves, strainers, gate valves, ball valves, backflow preventers, static balancing valves, butterfly valves,  rubber expansion joints, float valves, air relief valves, bottom valves, liquid level gauges.

- ZETKAMA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial valves in Central and Eastern Europe with own cast iron foundry. The company is offering over 2000 of different types of valves, such as stop valves, check valves, bellow valves, safety valve, butterfly valves, strainers, ball valves and other. The products are sold to more than 75 countries around the world.


Types of Zetkama Valves

- Producs of Zetkama Stop valves, bellow valves, control valves, check valves, safety valves, strainers, gate valves, ball valves, backflow preventers, static balancing valves, butterfly valves,  rubber expansion joints, float valves, air relief valves, bottom valves, liquid level gauges.


Zetkama Stop Valves

ZETKAMA offer includes ZGLO stop valves used to shut off the flow of refrigerant in industrial installations. Additionally we provide shut-off and non-return versions, which are used both to close and open the flow as well as to protect the installation against backflow. Products with a throttle plug can work in intermediate positions between the total opening and closing, which makes it possible to throttle the flow.

ZGLO stop valves are used in industrial installations, where the nominal pressure range is between PN6 and PN40, and Tmax is 450 ° C. It is the most versatile group of valves, due to the variety of materials used for the basic structural parts and the method of assembly on the installations (threaded, flanged and welded connections as well as straight or angle type).

- Stop valve zGLO Fig. 201

- Stop valve zGLO Fig. 215

- Stop valve zGLO Fig. 216

- Stop valve zGLO Fig. 217

- Stop valve zFAG Fig. 219 (ex. 649)


Zetkama Bellow Valves

Products ensure complete external tightness, thanks to the gland zone, which is permanently separated from the flowing medium. Bellow valve limits or stops any kind of leakage that could lead to a facility damage, as well as cause harm to the environment. These products do not require a constant supervision over the way they operate, remaining maintenance-free and easy-to-use.

ZETKAMA offers bellow valves, including stop models, as well as the ones with a throttle plug for the highest efficiency. Additionally, for products made of cast steel, we prepared stop check versions. The well-thought-out design allows the use of these products in various types of installations, including industrial water, diathermic oil, steam, compressed air, power engineering, heating and air conditioning.

- Bellow valve zBELFig. 234

- Bellow valve zBEL Fig. 235

- Bellow valve zBEL Fig. 237


Zetkama Safety Valves

The valves are designed for a pressure of from 0.1 to 95 bar, the diameter ranges: from DN 10 to DN 400, temperature: from -196oC to +450oC.

Materials: brass, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, acid resistant steel.

Valves made with metal-to-metal seal and a soft seal disc (NBR, EPDM).

A possibility to make all valves in the gas-tight performance and selected ones for marine purposes.

- Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 570

- Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 630

- Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 775

Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 782

Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 240

Safety valve zARMAK Fig. 781


Zetkama Control Valves

Our offer includes solutions used to regulate the flow of water in water supply systems, designed and manufactured by company ClaVal. We also prepared control valves used to regulate the flow of refrigerant, industrial water and neutral fluids, which have an equal percentage flow characteristic, compatible with linear actuators. Products can help adjust differential pressure and maintain the proper one, while remaining environmentally friendly.

For positioner zCON and pneumatic actuators we recommend to use bellow control valve. It is used in steam, heating, glycol and compressed air systems, as well as diathermic oil, neutral fluids and shipbuilding industry. Products are easy to handle, thanks to bare shaft or electric actuator types of steering, as well as balancing plug. To acquire all technical data, we recommend referring to the provided sheets.

- Pressure reducing regulators zCON Fig. 226

- Bellow control valve with pneumatic actuator and positioner zCON Fig. 236


Zetkama Check Valves

Industrial-grade check valves

Our zCHE components come in a wide variety of options in terms of the type of mechanism and the materials used. Our offer includes silent and disco variants, as well as models equipped with a ball, flap, throttle plug or two-lever. The materials used for construction were selected to achieve optimal performance in adequate work environment - we offer components made of stainless steel, cast iron - both grey and nodular - complemented with brass and bronze elements.

Check valve zCHE Fig. 275

Check valve zCHE Fig. 277

Check valve zCHE Fig. 287

Check valve zCHE Fig. 288

Check valve zCHE Fig. 302

Check valve zCHE Fig. 400

Check valve zCHE Fig. 401

Check valve zCHE Fig. 402

Check valve zCHE Fig. 407

Check valve zCHE Fig. 297

Check valve zFAG Fig. 299


Zetkama Strainer

zSTRA strainer is an essential element of any properly designed installation. It guarantees the proper functioning of its most sensitive nodes. In a particularly recommended version with a magnetic insert, products capture the ferromagnetic particles found in the medium. This is required for trouble-free operation of the installation based on bellow valves and where other, more technically advanced devices work. Linearly welded filter cartridges of various mesh sizes guarantee long-lasting and trouble-free operation.

Strainer zSTRA Fig. 821

Strainer zSTRA Fig. 823

Strainer zSTRA Fig. 820

Strainer zSTRA Fig. 826

Strainer zSTRA Fig. 827


Zetkama Gate Valves

Elements presented below are designed to block or start the flow of industrial fluids or gases in pipelines like fire protection, agriculture or sewage installations. Gate valves are not suited to be used as control elements. They should work in completely open or completely closed position. An intermediate position is not permitted. The gate valve permits the flow by lifting a special disc, of rectangular or round shape.

Our valves are delivered with a handwheel. They are also ready for drive assembly and do not require special modifications. Products provide high tightness and are made of solid, durable materials, like nodular cast iron or grey cast iron. Before placing the order, we recommend checking the technical data sheet and the user’s manual provided for each element.

Gate valve zGAT Fig. 111

Gate valve zGAT Fig. 112

Gate valve zGAT Fig. 019

Gate valve zGAT Fig. 021

Gate valve zFAG Fig. 118


Zetkama Static Balancing Valves

ZETKAMA zSTA is a line of industrial components for various air- and waterflow systems. The main function of static balancing valves is to maintain proper pressure in the pipework. Such elements not only allow for manual regulation of the flow rate, but are also used for taking precise measurements and controlling the performance of the infrastructure. The areas in which such components are applied include heating and air conditioning installations, as well as other pneumatic and hydraulic industrial systems.

Static balancing valves – optimal safety and control

There are numerous options in terms of construction and extra functions within the ZETKAMA zSTA series. We provide models equipped with high-reliability measurement devices – both analog and digital – as well as precise and ergonomic handwheels for maximum control. The materials we use range from brass to grey and nodular cast iron. Technical specification, catalog sheet and user manuals for a given model are included in the respective offer.

Static balancing valve zSTA Fig. 221

Static balancing valve zSTA Fig. 447

Static balancing valve grooved ends Fig. 447

Differential pressure regulating valve zSTA Fig. 224


Zetkama Ball Valves

Durable construction combined with a very simple principle of operation. The ball valve’s primary component is a handle that is used to control the flow through the system. The internal work piece is made in the shape of a perforated sphere. When placed in its starting position – both the handle and hollow part are aligned with the pipe – the flow is released, but when it is pivoted by 90 degrees, the internal sphere is turned sideways to block any flowing liquid or gas. The movement of the handle is also a great visual indication of the component’s status (open or closed).

Ball valve – ZETKAMA zBAL

As for the construction of this component – it is made of durable combination of grey and nodular cast iron. The work piece itself is brass with additional chrome coating – it does not generate any added resistance to the installation. Its ease of operation and versatility has led to the extensive industrial use of this type of elements. It is fit for work within various heating systems, industrial water and other neutral fluids, as well as pressurized gas.

Ball valve zBAL Fig. 565


Zetkama Butterfly Valves

These industrial elements, of a quite simple structure, are commonly used for various piping systems in power engineering, chemical industry, food industry, heating, etc. Butterfly valves are used to close and throttle the flow. Butterfly valves can be used not only to control industrial water, but also to regulate liquids like acids, mineral or vegetable oils or milky products. We also offer models suited for the control flow of abrasive powdered products or inert gases.

Every butterfly valve from our offer provides high tightness. Products are environment-friendly and possess the electric actuator, the auger gear and the bare shaft. The elements are also designed for manual operation. We recommend getting familiar with the provided technical data sheets before making a purchase.

Butterfly valve zBUT Fig. 494

Butterfly valve zBUT Fig. 495

Butterfly valve zBUT Fig. 496

Butterfly valve zBUT Fig. 497

Butterfly valve zBUT Fig. 498

Butterfly valve zBUT Fig. 499


Zetkama Float Valves

A very effective solution for controlling the liquid level, which does not require any external energy. Float valves are purely mechanical – the water level is measured directly by the lever with a gas-filled container attached at the end. The lever indicates the positioning of the internal mechanism controlling the flow, therefore regulating the volume of liquid in a vessel. Such components can be installed in both open and sealed tanks and cisterns – their primary function is to actively prevent overflowing.

zFLO – industrial float valves

The external shell of the components is made of grey cast iron – it ensures sufficient durability and tightness, capable of withstanding nominal pressure of 10 bars. It requires no maintenance whatsoever, at the same time being completely eco-friendly due to the lack of power consumption. The mechanism is fit to work with industrial water and neutral fluids. The main fields, in which such components are applied, are domestic water systems, as well as agricultural and industrial installations.

Float valve zFLO Fig. 272

Float valve zFLO Fig. 274


Zetkama Air Release Valves

Stable water transport system requires technical measures that will stop or limit any obstacle. One of them is accumulation of air, which can be properly controlled thanks to an air release valve. Such solution is required not only for water, but also sewerage and industrial liquids. This is why in our offer you can find two highly efficient models of such products – both provide the highest degree of tightness and remain environmentally friendly.

Thanks to well-thought-out construction and excellent materials used in the manufacturing process, each air release valve successfully helps to maintain proper flow and pressure of liquid. After placing the products at every temporary or maximum high point of each section, they do not require any maintenance, providing highest efficiency in industrial water piping systems.

Air release valve zAIR Fig. 917

Air release valve zAIR Fig. 918


Zetkama Bottom Valves

A special purpose bottom valve equipped with a suction strainer. It is often integrated into various pipework systems, tanks and other vessels. It is designed to hold medium pollutions and regulate liquid level in the system. As for usage requirements, it functions in normal working conditions and should not be applied to aggressive or abrasive environments without consultation. The range of mediums, with which the zBOT can be safely used, includes neutral fluids, industrial and drinking water and glycol.

Special purpose bottom valve – zBOT

The main body of this model is made of grey cast iron – a material of great mechanical strength and superb heat capacity. The internal spring, as well as the perforated screen, are made of stainless steel, which effectively prevents any signs of corrosion. The shape of the body was designed to prevent extreme pressure shifts – its tightness also reduces vibration and turbulence. This model requires no maintenance whatsoever and is completely eco-friendly.

Bottom valve zBOT Fig. 935


Zetkama Rubber Expansion Joints

Designed to withstand demanding conditions of a working environment, including dynamic pressure shifts, as well as constant and temporary vibration. Rubber expansion joints constitute an effective addition to various types of pipelines in a wide range of sectors – industry, heating and air conditioning and sewage systems. The main function of the zJOI series is to discharge energy produced by the flow of the medium, in order to protect any adjacent components and machinery, as well as the integrity of the pipework as a whole.

zJOI – highly effective rubber expansion joints

As to the construction of the components, the flanges are made of industry-grade galvanized carbon steel, which provides more than sufficient level of mechanical durability, at the same time effectively preventing corrosion. They are meant for pipework systems containing a wide range of neutral fluids, industrial and drinking water, contents of heating and refrigerating installations, as well as glycol and compressed air.

Rubber expansion joint zJOI Fig. 700

Rubber expansion joint zJOI Fig. 701


Zetkama Liquid Level Gauges

Liquid level gauges are devices that indicate the liquid level in pressure and non-pressurized tanks. ZETKAMA offers liquid level gauges with flanged and threaded ends and ones for welding directly to the cylindrical part of the tank. Indicating element of the offered liquid level gauges can be both a frame (PN16, PN40, PN63), and the glass tube (shielded or not). Liquid level gauges are produced from different materials depending on the application. They are used mainly in heating industry to indicate the level of water (drinking, industrial), sewage and any neutral and aggressive medium, depending on the resistance of materials used for their construction.

Liquid level gauge zGAU Fig. 706

Liquid level gauge zGAU Fig. 708

Liquid level gauge zGAU Fig. 716


Giá Van Zetkama VINDEC

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Mua Van Zetkama VINDEC

- VINDEC là địa chỉ phân phối Van ZETKAMA uy tín tại Việt nam có thể làm hài lòng khách hàng với năng lực đội ngũ nhân viên có kỹ thuật trình độ kỹ thuật cao, được đào tạo chuyên nghiệp bài bản của hãng.

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