Over 95 years of manufacturing industrial seal in France

Founded in 1920, GROUPE LATTY is managed by Christian-Xavier Latty. From the outset, the Group's customers have benefited from its know-how in the design, creation and development of manufacturing processes for sealing solutions.
At its plant at Brou, France, GROUPE LATTY designs and manufactures products that satisfy the most demanding industrial requirements.

GROUPE LATTY covers a broad spectrum of sealing-related products including:

  • packings (mechanical packings)
  • mechanical seals
  • rotary unions
  • static seals and flange gaskets

A reputation for quality

GROUPE LATTY has built up its reputation by adhering to very strict quality rules that guarantee the reproducibility and security of its products. 
Latty products are essential in ensuring the leak-tightness of complex industrial processes.

Our products' added value - the quality and durability of the raw materials used - enables our customers:

  • to limit the release of gases into the atmosphere (fugitive emissions)
  • to ensure security and protect the environment
  • to reduce maintenance costs
  • to extend the lifetime of the production plant.

R&D, test laboratory

GROUPE LATTY invests an average of 5% of its annual revenue in research and development for new products and processes. The company has built a test laboratory at its production site in order to be able to test its products under optimum conditions and on customers' own equipment.

Seal-using industries:

  • food processing,
  • sugar processing,
  • chemicals,
  • petrochemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • water treatment,
  • pulp and paper,
  • energy production,
  • aeronautics, automotive and shipbuilding,
  • mining,etc.

Our products are also used by a large number of OEMs to manufacture pumps and industrial valves and fittings.

Mua Gioăng Phớt LATTY

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