Ceramic Fiber Sleeving


Ceramic Fiber Sleeving

- Ceramic Fiber sleeving -Used in high temperature resistant electrical cable, wire covering High temperature pipe wrapping.

- High temperature ceramic fiber yarn, after our special processing technology, widely used in insulation, thermal insulation, sealing, and other fields. Products have higher visibility.

Technical Ceramic fiber sleeve

- Maximum use temperature (℃): 1260℃

- Continuous use temperature

+ Glass fiber reinforced : 650 ℃

+ Stainless steel wire reinforced : 1050 ℃

- Available Width : 10mm ~ 75mm

- Packing: 10kg/roll, In plastic woven bag of 20kg net each

Feature Ceramic fiber sleeve

- Has excellent high temperature performance

- Low bulk density

- Thermal shock

- Resistance to chemical corrosion

- Easy construction

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