Ceramic Fibre Square Rope


Ceramic Fibre Braided Square Rope

- Ceramic Fiber Square Braid is manufactured by over-braiding around a core of ceramic fiber to achieve maximum resistance to mechanical abuse with a density range of 33-36 PCF. The high temperature texturized fiberglass yarn has low thermal conductivity and exhibits minimal unraveling when cut. Material is available with an Inconel wire insert for additional reinforcement. 

- Size: 6mm to 50mm

- Working temperature: 800℃~1400℃

- Grade: Square Braid

- Density: 30-33lbs/ft³

Benefits of Ceramic Fibre Square Rope

- Resistant to flame, spark, and heat

- Chemical resistant, pH Range 2-12

- High tensile strength, no stretch or shrink

- Superior strength and high dielectric strength

- Lightweight, flexible, and thermally efficient

- Dimensionally stable at high temperatures

- Low heat storage and thermal conductivity

- Minimal unraveling when cut

Applications of Ceramic Fibre Square Rope

- Seals or gaskets for ovens, furnaces, boilers, processing tanks, and kettles

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