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Glass Fibre Products

What is Glass Fibre Materials ?

  • - It is material made from extremely fine fibers of glass. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. Although strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fiber and it is less stiff, the material is typically far less brittle, and the raw materials are much less expensive.
  • Glass is the oldest, and most familiar, performance fiber. Fibers have been manufactured from glass since the 1930s. Glass fiber products are categorized into four major groups; chopped strands, direct draw rovings, assembled rovings, and mat products
  • - Glass fibre products (vật liệu sợi thủy tinh) are spun using 100% air textured E-glass yarns and provide a high volume of entrapped air, giving manufactured products exceptional thermal insulation. They are suitable for use in temperatures up to +550°C.

Different Type of Glass Fibre Products

- Fiber Glass Wool Boards, Glass Fibre Square Rope, Glass Fibre Round Rope, Glass Fibre Twist Rope, Glass Fibre Cloth, Glass Fiber Tape, Fiber Glass Wool Roll Form, Glass Fibre Sleeve, Fiber Glass Pipe Insulation

• Fiber Glass Wool Boards

• Glass Fibre Square Rope

• Glass Fibre Round Rope

• Glass Fibre Twist Rope

• Glass Fibre Cloth

• Glass Fiber Tape

• Fiber Glass Wool Roll Form

• Glass Fibre Sleeve

• Fiber Glass Pipe Insulation

Applications of Glass Fibre Materials

- Applied in high temperatures areas and Suitable for use in high temperature applications.

- Used to protect heat of engine exhaust manifolds, reduce engine room temperature and protect pipe or power lines.

- Sealing rings, boiler doors., Furnace curtains, Kiln seals, and oven door seals, fire protection drapes, inspection door seals, high temperature clothing,  heat exchanger

- Suitable for use as thermal insulation to pipes, exhausts and vessels.