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Cord Seal Oval Shape Valqua 7GS66A - Nhựa PTFE

- Temperature (℃): - 240 ~ + 260
- Pressure (MPa) for gas/Liquid: 2 /5Mpa
- Nominal size (mm): 3 - 20mm
- Thickness (mm: 1.5 - 6mm


Seal Oval Shape Valqua 7GS66A

- Product Name: Cord Seal [Oval type]

- Free-size PTFE material, modified to soft and tough cord-type seal.

- The smaller the cross section size, the higher the sealing pressure, in so far as the flange surface is in good condition.

Technical Valqua 7GS66A

- Temperature (℃): - 240 ~ + 260

- Pressure (MPa) for gas: 2.0

- Pressure (MPa) for Liquid: 5.0

- Nominal size (mm): 3 - 20mm

- Thickness (mm: 1.5 - 6mm

- Length (m): 5 - 50m

Application of Valqua 7GS66A

- Used for parts where PTFE corrosion resistance is required, where the flange accuracy is low, or where fastening strength is insufficient.

- Gaskets for large diameter equipment which is liable to have rough finished flange surface, increased strain, or insufficient tightening force.

- Gaskets for towers, tanks, ovens, heat exchangers and pressure vessels adopting FRP, glass lining, resin lining, rubber lining, ceramics or impervious graphite.

- Gaskets for duct flanges and pipe flanges.

- Gland packing for valves.

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