Dây Tết Chèn 6200GFO


Dây Tết Chèn 6200GFO

STYLE 6200GFO was made from graphite-PTFE compound with lubricant very good
thermal conductivity. High flexibility and volumetric stability, no embrittlement or ageing.
Long life with good operating efficiency. Gentle treatment of shafts.
Applicaton areas:
STYLE 6200GFO can be used in pumps, agitators mixers and kneader centrifugal pumps ,
agitators,involving high peripheral speeds and temperatures, where pure PTFE packing fail.
Application media:
STYLE 6200GFO is suitable for liquid and gaseous, acids, lye, solvents, adhesives,
abrasive and crystalline media like sewage, slurries, salt, etc.
Not suitable for:
Highly oxidizing media like oleum, fumin nitric acid, aqua region, gaseous fluorine , lacquer
and paints.