PTFE Graphite Packing With Oil


PTFE Graphite Packing With Oil

- The Packing made of 100% gPTFE yarns, and re-impregnated with a silicone lubricant with density about 1.6g/cm3. It is also economical gPTFE packing.

- Size : From 4 x 4 mm to 50 x 50mm

- Packaging standard: in coils of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg to 10 kg, other weight on request;  as precut length.

Technical PTFE Graphite Packing With Oil

- Pressure Range

+ Rotating: 15 bar

+ Reciprocating: 100 bar

+ Static: 200 bar

- Shaft speed: 12 m/s

- Density: 1.65g/cm3

- Temperature:-150 to +280 Deg.C

- PH range: 0 ~ 14

Application of PTFE Graphite Packing With Oil

- For use in pumps, valves, reciprocating and rotating shafts, mixers and agitators. Especially designed for services involving surface speeds and temperature higher than those normally specified for pure PTFE packings. Can be safely used in all chemical pump applications with the exception of molten alkali metals, fluoride, fuming nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents. It is also against water, steam, petroleum derivatives, vegetable oil and solvents.

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