Pure PTFE Packing


Pure PTFE Packing

- PTFE Braided Packing : Braided from pure PTFE yarn without any lubrication. It is soft, mainly for static sealing.

- Size : From 4 x 4 mm to 50 x 50mm

- Packaging standard: in coils of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg to 10 kg, other weight on request;  as precut length.

Technical Pure PTFE Packing

- Pressure Range

+ Rotating: 15 bar

+ Reciprocating: 100 bar

+ Static: 150 bar

- Shaft speed: 2 m/s

- Density: 1.3g/cm3

- Temperature:-150 to +260 Deg.C

- PH range: 0 ~ 14

Application of Pure PTFE Packing

- Designed for valves and lower shaft speed applications under medial pressure in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper mills, fiber plants where high purity and corrosion resistance is required.

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