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PTFE Gaskets - Teflon Gaskets

PTFE Gaskets - Teflon Gaskets


What is PTFE Gasket ?

- PTFE Gasket is made of synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene.

- It has highly resistant to chemicals, solvents, caustics and acids, except for alkali metals and fluorine gas. In addition, PTFE also has a very low surface energy and conforms to FDA regulations.

- PTFE gasket provides excellent sealing performance in corrosive environments.

- It can be used as flange gasket in the chemical industry, machine and equipment industry and piping.


Technical PTFE Gasket

- Density (g/cm³): 1,65 ~ 2.3 g/cm3

- Tensile strength (Mpa): >15 Mpa

- Max temperature (°C): -240 to 270 ˚C 

- Max pressure (Kg/cm2): 12 Bar

- Elongation at break: 200%

- Shore A Hardness: 50 to 60

- Dielectric strength: 10 KV/mm

- Friction coefficient . 0.01

- Thickness: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 mm

- Standard PTFE gasket: ANSI, JIS, DIN, BS…and according to customers' drawings for processing.


Different Type PTFE Gaskets

- Virgin PTFE Sheet, Graphite Filled PTFE Sheet, Barium Sulfate Filled PTFE Sheet, Carbon Filled PTFE Sheet, PEEK Filled PTFE Sheet, Silica Filled PTFE Sheet, Bronze Filled PTFE Sheet, Glass Filled PTFE Sheet


• Virgin PTFE Gasket

- Virgin Teflon gaskets are produced directly from pure material. They are used in the majority of general applications due to the most cost-effective type of PTFE material and possessing the greatest physical and electrical insulation properties.

Virgin PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe, gioăng teflon

Virgin PTFE Gasket


• Expanded PTFE Gasket

- Expanded Teflon gaskets are produced through virgin PTFE being expanded in a manner that creats uniform tension strength across the material.

- This process results in a PTFE material that carries no structural weakness and more flexible. They also exhibit the unique chemical resistant properties of virgin PTFE due to the fact that no additives are added.

Expanded PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe mềm, gioăng teflon mềm

Expanded PTFE Gasket


• Glass Filled PTFE Gasket

Glass fibre gasket is used as a PTFE filler as it offers much-improved compression and wears properties. The material may also be inert gas sintered to further improve creep properties and reduce porosity and gas permeability, whilst also contributing to a loss of tensile properties.

Glass Filled PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe pha thủy tinh

Glass Filled PTFE Gasket


• Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket

- The product is sintered with PTFE and graphite at high temperature. Advantages: low friction coefficient, good compressibility, better wear-resistant; suitable for chemical, petrochemical, hydrocarbon reaction and power plants.

Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe pha chì graphite, gioăng teflon pha chì

Graphite Filled PTFE Gasket


• Barium Sulfate Filled PTFE Gasket

Barium Sulfate Filled PTFE Gasket is the most chemically resistant of PTFE material variants, and is made with 100% Virgin PTFE with Barium Sulfate as the filler. Style 7536 is manufactured by a unique process that structures the composition into fibers.

Barium Sulfate Filled PTFE Gasket


• Carbon Filled PTFE Gasket

Carbon-filled PTFE is available in different compositions depending on the material to filler ratio. Of this, PTFE 75% and 25% carbon is the most common ratio.

Carbon Filled PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe pha carbon, gioăng teflon pha carbon

Carbon Filled PTFE Gasket


• PEEK Filled PTFE Gasket

- PTFE filled PEEK is a material that exhibits extremely good sliding and wear properties.

PEEK Filled PTFE Gasket


• Silica Filled PTFE Gasket

- PTFE gasket sheet with silica filler is a high performance, silica filled PTFE sheet material designed for use with strong acids, solvents, hydrocarbons, and other aggressive media.

Silica Filled PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe pha silica, gioăng teflon pha silica

Silica Filled PTFE Gasket


• Bronze Filled PTFE Gasket

- Bronze Filled PTFE Gasket: The addition of Bronze to PTFE gives better dimensional stability and lowers creep, cold flow and wear. It increases hardness and compressive strength whilst also increasing thermal and electrical conductivity.

Bronze Filled PTFE Gasket, gioăng ptfe pha đồng, gioăng teflon pha đồng

Bronze Filled PTFE Gasket


Why Should You Choose PTFE Gasket

- PTFE Gasket offers super low friction, high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, electrical and thermal insulation, and unrivalled "slipperiness"


Is PTFE Gasket Chemical Resistant

- PTFE gasket is pretty much safe against most known elements and compounds. It is attacked only by the alkaline metals in the elementary state, by chlorine trifluoride, and by elementary fluorine at high temperatures and pressures. PTFE doesn’t dissolve in most solvents at temperatures up and around 300°C. Fluorinated hydrocarbons can cause an amount of expansion which is not permanent. Some oils which are highly fluorinated and at temperatures over 300°C can inflict a dissolving affect upon this excellent engineering plastic.


Key Features of PTFE Gasket

- Excellent sealing at high temperatures and pressures.

- Non-corrosive, non-wetting, non-contaminating and odourless.

- Excellent electrical and thermal insulation in virgin PTFE form.

- Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

- Very low gas leakage (complies with German Fugitive Emission Regulation TA-Luft).

- Minimized cold-flow and creep behaviour.

- Ideal for aggressive chemicals.

- Long service life.

- Easy to handle and cut.


Application of PTFE Gasket

- Electrical Applications. (corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures)

- Food & Beverage. (secure seals and long product life)

- Petrochemical & Chemical Processing. (corrosion-resistance, exposure to high and low temperatures and high surface wear)

- Pulp and Paper. (long product life)

- Pharmaceuticals. (secure seals and long product life)

- Rail-Tank Car. (high temperature and surface-wear resistant)


Báo Giá Gioăng PTFE VINDEC

- Bạn đang có nhu cầu mua gioăng PTFE phục vụ cho dự án, thay thế sửa chữa... hãy hiên hệ với chúng tôi để được báo giá tốt nhất và hỗ trợ giao hàng tận nơi cũng như dịch vụ bán hàng chuynê nghiệp, đội ngũ kỹ thuật tư vấn nhiều năm kinh nghiệm.

- Giá gioăng PTFE phụ thuộc vào size, chủng loại, độ dày, cũng như vật liệu pha thêm cho Nhựa PTFE như là gioăng PTFE pha chì, gioăng PTFE pha carbon, gionăg PTFE pha silica... VINDEC đáp ứng được cho bạn về tất cả các loại Vật liệu làm kín cho bạn tại Việt nam.


Địa Chỉ Mua Gioăng PTFE VINDEC

- VINDEC là địa chỉ phân phối Nhựa PTFE uy tín tại Việt nam có thể làm hài lòng khách hàng với năng lực đội ngũ nhân viên có kỹ thuật trình độ kỹ thuật cao, được đào tạo chuyên nghiệp bài bản của hãng.

- Quý khách hàng có thể tìm kiếm hoặc Download về máy Catalogue của hãng tại Website của chúng tôi với thông số kỹ thuật rõ ràng chính xác nhất của hãng tại: NHỰA PTFE

- Chúng tôi có Kho Hàng tại Hà nội và Hồ Chí Minh và có Kho Hàng + Xưởng Sản Xuất với diện tích trên 2.000m2 tại Hà Nội.

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