Glass Filled PTFE Rod


Glass Filled PTFE Rod - Nhựa PTFE

- Colour: 
- Density: 
- Tensile Strength: 
- Temperature range: -180 ℃ to +260 ℃
- Diameter: Ø4 mm to  Ø500 mm

Glass Filled PTFE Rod

- PTFE 25% Glass Filled White Rod is a high performance, synthetic fluoropolymer with the glass fibre greatly improving characteristics including mechanical strength, wear resistance and compressive properties by as much as 40%.

Technical Glass Filled PTFE Rod

- Colour: 

- Density:  g/cm³

- Tensile Strength: MPa

- Elongation at Break: %

- Temperature range: -180℃ to +260℃

- Melting Point: 327℃

- Dielectric Strength:  Kv/mm

Application of Glass Filled PTFE Rod

- Glass Filled PTFE Rod has the characteristics of high chemical resistance,high insulation,non-stick, low friction and long life.It is used by machine parts such as, connectors, terminals and other electrical parts.

Diameter of Glass Filled PTFE Rod VINDEC

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø6 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø8 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø10 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø15 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø20 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø30 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø40 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø50 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø60 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø70 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rods Ø80 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø90 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø100 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø120 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø150 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø200 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø250 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø300 mm

- Glass Filled PTFE rod Ø350 mm

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