PTFE Pipes


Cây Ống Nhựa PTFE Tròn Rỗng Cứng

Màu sắc/Xuất xứ : Trắng, Đen
Đường kính/Độ dài : Ø6 – Ø300/4000 mm
Ứng dụng: Hóa chất, Y tế, dân dụng...

PTFE Pipes

- PTFE Pipe which are extensively used in chemical processing industry.

- These tubes & pipes are appreciated for their unique features such as: Chemical resistance to all known chemicals, High temperature resistance, Insulation to electricity, Non-flammable

- Density: ~2.43 g/cm3

- Color : white

- Dia: 3 - 300 (standard)

- Length: 300 - 4000 mm (standard), or in long length coils.

- Temperature range: -80 to 260 Deg.C


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