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What is PTFE Tube & PTFE Pipe ?

- PTFE Tubing (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene tubing) is a semi-transparent, chemically inert, and non-toxic material that features unmatched temperature resistance and a surface that facilitates the flow of fluids.

- To make a comparison between a PTFE or a Teflon tube, we start by looking at what PTFE really is. PTFE is the abbreviation for polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic polymer that consists of 2 basic elements namely carbon and fluorine. PTFE has a number of very unique properties, making the material used for a variety of different applications.

- VINDEC present PTFE tube, Ram Extruded PTFE Liner, Paste Extruded PTFE Liner, PTFE Sleeve to our broad client base. It is flexible and this product is available in different sizes and is manufactured & supply using premium grade raw material sourced from known and reliable dealers. Additionally, it is highly appreciated for its long service life, reliability and durability and is being offered in the normal rates.

Different Type PTFE Pipes

- Virgin PTFE pipe, PTFE Flexible Tubing (Ống PTFE), PTFE Corrugated Tube & Hose, PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Hose, Graphite Filled PTFE bushing, Barium Sulfate Filled PTFE bushing, Carbon Filled PTFE bushing, PEEK Filled PTFE bushing, Silica Filled PTFE bushing, Bronze Filled PTFE bushing, Glass Filled PTFE bushing

• PTFE Flexible Tubing

PTFE Flexible Tubes

• PTFE Pipes

PTFE Piping

• PTFE Corrugated Tube & Hose

PTFE Corrugated Tube, PTFE Corrugated Hose, Teflon Corrugated Hose, ống ptfe ruột gà

PTFE Corrugated Tube & Hose

• PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Hose

PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Hose, ống inox lot ptfe

PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Hose

Different Type Materials Filled PTFE Bushing

• Glass Filled PTFE Bushing

Glass Filled PTFE Bushing, ống ptfe pha thủy tinh, ống teflon pha thủy tinh

Glass Filled PTFE Bushing

• Graphite Filled PTFE Bushing

- Graphite and PTFE for improved sliding and wear properties.

Graphite Filled PTFE Bushing, ống ptfe pha chì graphite

Graphite Filled PTFE Bushing

• Carbon Filled PTFE Bushing

- Carbon-filled PTFE bushings benefit from increased compressive strength, decreased deformation during heavy loads, and greater tolerance to wear than virgin PTFE.

Carbon Filled PTFE Bushing, ống ptfe pha carbon

Carbon Filled PTFE Bushing

• PEEK Filled PTFE Bushing

- PEEK filler PTFE Bushing has a reduced thermal expansion rate and greatly improved thermal conductivity. PTFE as a base material has the main advantage of reducing the coefficient of friction while the tribological grade of PEEK improves its mechanical properties, but at the same time leaves the mixture with a relatively low friction coefficient.

PEEK Filled PTFE Bushing

PEEK Filled PTFE Bushing

• Bronze Filled PTFE Bushing

- Bronze is the most popular metallic PTFE filler. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, so it is attacked by acids and bases. Also, bronze oxidizes during the sintering process, but this has no influence on the quality of the compound.

Bronze Filled PTFE Bushing

Key Features of PTFE Pipe

- Excellent chemical resistance: PTFE Pipe is resistant to almost all chemicals and acids. As a result, PTFE tubes are often used in demanding environments such as chemical plants and oil and gas companies.

- Large temperature range: PTFE Pipe has a very large workable temperature range. A pure PTFE Teflon tubcan withstand temperatures between – 190 ° C and + 260 ° C. The melting point of PTFE is even higher at + 327 ° C

- Hydrophobic: PTFE Pipe is water resistant. It never gets wet. A PTFE tub is therefore suitable for allowing liquids to pass through. Consider, for example, a gasoline hose.

- Very low coefficient of friction: PTFE Pipe has the lowest coefficient of friction of all plastics. This means that nothing really sticks to it. This is for example important with a PTFE tube for 3D printer, the filament goes through the tube as easily as possible / with as little friction as possible.

- Greatest resistance to fatigue: PTFE tubes remain very strong after frequent bending and have the greatest resistance to fatigue (Wöhler Curves)

- Not flammable: Where most plastics are flammable, PTFE Pipe is not flammable / extinguishing. This can also contribute to the fire safety of your product or plant.

- FDA approval: The granulate used in our hoses is FDA approved, which means that it can come into contact with food.

- Low dielectric constant: This means that the material has a very insulating effect. As a result, PTFE is often used in electrical applications.

Application of PTFE Pipe

- Medical Tubing and R&D Labs

- Lining In Flexible Hose Pipe Smooth Bore

- Lining in Flow Meters

- Making PTFE Drop Tube

- Manufacturing PTFE Lined Dip Pipes

- Manufacturing PTFE Lined Pipes