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- KLINGER is an established top leader for sealing, fluid control and fluid monitoring systems. The family business, founded in 1886, today presents itself as a globally active Group of Companies. 

- KLINGER is the world's leading manufacturer and provider of industrial gaskets and valves. Formed in 1886 as a family enterprise, the pioneers in gasket technology today present themselves as a globally active Group. Independent global manufacturing, sales and service companies offer unique know-how and competent on-site consultancy services from a total of 60 countries worldwide. 

- Our customers comprise of leading companies belonging to the manufacturing industry, infrastructure, automotive, marine, oil & gas, the chemical industry, pulp & paper, the energy sector, food & beverage, and the pharmaceutical industry.

- We provide certified, highest quality that also complies with international standards. With regard to future developments, our product offerings today already exceed the requirements of those standards in several cases. Our know-how, which in the meantime spans more than 130 years, enables us to be fully committed to supplying not just products, tailored state of the art sealing, fluid control and fluid monitoring solutions - so that our customers and partners can continue to focus on their core business. Then, now and in the future.


• JOINTING / GASKET MATERIALS: Our range of asbestos-free, calendared sealing materials cover a wide range of applications.  Compressed fibre, PTFE, Graphite Laminates, Glimmer Laminates, Cork and Paper products.

- Compressed Fibre Sheet: Our range of asbestos-free, calendared sealing materials. Depending on the specific requirements, KLINGERSIL provides excellent resistances (e.g. temperature, mechanical or chemical resistance) in the areas required by the corresponding target industry. Furthermore, KLINGERSIL is easy to cut, handle and fit.

- PTFE : Our PTFE-based soft sealing material offering guarantees ultimate chemical resistance and is designed to cater for the majority of gasket applications.

- Graphite Laminates : Gaskets on the basis of graphite are suitable for temperatures between -200 °C and up to 460 °C, and offer resistance against a broad range of chemicals.

- Mica Laminates : This soft sealing material has been specifically designed to master the rigors of high-temperature sealing applications.

- PAPER - CELLULOSE FIBER : This soft sealing material is commonly used for low temperature (less than 150°C) automotive applications.

- CORK : For Marine, Hydraulic, Electrical and Transformer gaskets.

• GASKET : Our comprehensive range of quality gaskets. Metallic Gaskets including Spiral Wounds, Sentry Gaskets, RTJ’s, Kammprofile, Metal Jacketed and Corrugated Graphite Gaskets.  Soft-cut gaskets made from our Jointing/Gasket Material range.

- Metallic Gaskets : KLINGER manufactures metallic gaskets in a wide range of alloys to cover even the most chemically aggressive applications.

- Soft Cut Gaskets : Our range of KLINGERsil, Top-graph, graphite sheet and laminates, PTFE, cork and paper materials cover a wide range of applications.

• VALVES: KLINGER’s broad range of trusted,  industrial valves. Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Piston Valves, Control Valves, Gate Globe and Check Valves, Plug Valves, Actuators and Safety Valves.

• INSTRUMENTATION: Level gauges and instrumentation solutions manufactured by KLINGER. Manometer cocks, Transparent Level Gauges, Reflex Level Gaugues, Bi-colour Level Gauges, Magnetic Level Gauges, Shut-off Fittings and Wireless Transmitters.

• EXPANSION JOINTS: KLINGER’s wide range of tailored expansion joints and lens bellows. Broad range of Metal Expansion Joints plus Rubber, Rectangular and Fabric Expansion Joints, Lens Bellows and Type Approved Expansion Joints.

• FLEXIBLE METAL HOSES: Our range of flexible metal hoses to suit various applications. Standard Flexible, Ultra Flexible, Large Diameter, High Pressure and Solar Metal Hoses.

• COMPRESSION PACKING: KLINGER’s range includes patented specialised compression packing. Graphite/Carbon, PTFE, Synthetic Fibre, Natural Fibre, Hybrid, Packryt Bearing Systems, Soot Blower Packing Systems and Maintenance Tools.

• FLANGE SPRAY SHIELDS AND PROTECTORS: Safety Spray Shields are designed to prevent a catastrophe by temporarily containing hazardous leaks and sprays. Range of Fabric Spray Shields and Metal Spray Shields and Flange Protectors.

• INSULATION SETS AND MONOLITHIC ISOLATION: Insulating sets are designed to afford maximum protection against galvanic corrosion or used to electrically isolate joints. Various designs and options from KLINGER and Pikotek.

• GREENE TWEED PRODUCTS: Leading range of Greene Tweed high-performance thermoplastics, composites and engineered components. From standard o-rings to precision-molded thermoplastic composites for medical and biotechnology applications.


• OIL AND GAS: The requirements of the oil & gas industry with regard to sealing technology solutions are both diverse and extremely demanding. We are the first choice in terms of safety and reliability and provide the best product for every single application.

• MANUFACTURING: Continuous production is a key success factor within the manufacturing industry. Our revolutionary and high-quality sealing, fluid control and monitoring technology products dramatically reduce the risk of undesired downtimes.

• MINING: Aggressive and abrasive fluids combined with high temperatures and high pressures are common requirements in mining and steel applications.  Our sealing and fluid control products meet the reliability and longevity requirements of the mining industry.

• CHEMICAL: Aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and high pressures are common challenges in chemical, rubber and plastic industry applications.  Our leading sealing and fluid control products are tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the chemical industry.

• ENERGY: High-quality sealing and fluid control technology products are a must for process safety within the energy sector. KLINGER offers a wide range of safe and reliable solutions for combined cycle, wind, solar, hydro, nuclear and thermal power plants..

• INFRASTRUCTURE: Excellent thermal resistance, a long service life and a performance that ensures efficiency. These mission-critical characteristics can be found in all our products and solutions for district heating as well as for water and wastewater treatment applications.

• PAPER & PULP: KLINGER significantly supports the pulp & paper industry in reducing downtimes and avoiding emissions. Our sealing and fluid control technology products stand for optimized processes and increased efficiency.

• TRANSPORT: The transport sector benefits from our high-quality, innovative products and their long service life. We provide technical solutions and certified products that are also able to fully operate under extreme conditions.

• PHARMACEUTICAL: Cleanliness and hygiene are non-negotiable factors within the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are in full compliance with the sector’s strict and demanding regulations, standing out thanks to their long service life.

• FOOD & BEVERAGE: In addition to general safety and reliability, KLINGER offers a wide range of products tailored to meet the requirements of complex and demanding industries. For the food and beverage industry, our sealing and fluid control technology are in full compliance with the specified requirements and constraints. 


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