TOMBO 2280-S



NICHIAS Super Seal Packing TOMBO 2280-S

NICHIAS Super Seal Packing TOMBO 2280-S


- High Temperature Use Packings

- This is high temperature valve packing made of GRASEALTM (expanded graphite) reinforced with stainless steel 316L filaments.

- Finished with special lubricant, graphite and anti-corrosion materials.


- As this is stored in coil form, this can be used for emergency requirements.

- Superior sealing performance can be expected in comparison with asbestos braided packings.

- Expanded graphite (GRASEALTM) has excellent chemical resistance next only to PTFE and can be used against almost all fluids except the prohibited fluids listed in the table on the right.

- Applicable alone without use of adapter packings.

- To facilitate inserting the packing into stuffing box, packings in coil form have rectangular cross-section.

- As this is treated with our original anticorrosive, this has an excellent anticorrosive performance and is applicable to 13- chrome steel valve shaft.


- Service temperature: −240〜400 ℃ (oxidizing atmosphere, in air)

- Service temperature: −240〜600℃ (non-oxidizing atmosphere)

- Service pressure: up to 25Mpa

- PH: 0-14

- Model. TOMBO 2280-S


- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 3.0mm x 3m = 0.054Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 5.0mm x 3m = 0.13Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 6.5mm x 3m = 0.222Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 8.0mm x 3m = 0.335Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 9.5mm x 3m = 0.42Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 11.0mm x 3m = 0.49Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 12.5mm x 3m = 0.55Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 14.5mm x 3m = 0.77Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 16.0mm x 3m = 0.89Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 19.0mm x 3m = 1.27Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 22.0mm x 3m = 1.55Kg

- Tombo 2280-S: Size. 25.5mm x 3m        2.15Kg


- Thermal power plants, petroleum refineries, shipbuilding, chemical plants, cryogenic services, high temperature gas plants, etc.

- Cast steel valves, forged steel valves, stainless steel valves, etc.

- Water type fluids (water, hot water, steam, etc.), Oil type fluids (oil, heat transfer oil, etc.), organic solvents, hydrocarbons, gaseous fluids (hydrogen, ammonia, etc.), chemical products, corrosive fluids (other than oxidizing fluids), and cryogenic fluids (LN2, liquid air, LNG, LPG, etc.).

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