TOMBO 9038



NICHIAS G-FLON Packing 9038

NICHIAS G-FLON Packing 9038


- Graphite particles containing PTFE yarn is treated with PTFE dispersion and special lubricant, and then braided into square cross section and further treated with PTFE dispersion.


- Graphite particles containing PTFE yarn is excellent in chemical resistance and can be used with almost any fluids other than strong oxidizing acids.

- Excellent in seal performance at high revolution speeds.

- Because it contains graphite particles in PTFE yarn, heat dispersion characteristics are very good and among PTFE base packings, it has the highest heat resistance.


- Service temperature: up to 260 degC

- Service pressure: up to 20kgf / cm2

- Shaft speed: up to 16m/s

- PH: 0-14

- Model. TOMBO No.9038


- All types of pumps, mixers, etc.

- Water base fluids (water, waste water, brine etc.), oil base fluids, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, chemicals, corrosive fluids except listed below.

- TOMBOTM No.9038 can not be used for strong oxidizing acids such as fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, chromic acid, aqua legia etc.

- This packing is not used for the fluids which contamination is not allowed, such as drinking water, pharmaceuticals, comestibles, semi-conductor manufacturing etc.

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