TOMBO 9040-W / 9040-WR



NICHIAS Aramid Fiber Packing - White 9040-W / 9040-WR

NICHIAS Aramid Fiber Packing - White 9040-W / 9040-WR


- These packings are made of aramid fiber.

- TOMBOTM No.9040-W is finished with PTFE dispersion and heat resistant lubricant.

- TOMBOTM No.9040-WR is finished with PTFE dispersion. Lubricant is not used.

- To seal: Centrifugal & reciprocating pumps,autoclaves,agitators,valves,..


- White color for lines that can not use black color products.

- More flexible than TOMBOTM No.9040 and it allows excellent conformity to shaft and reduces shaft wearing.


- Service temperature: up to 260 degC

- Service pressure: up to 20kgf / cm2

- Shaft speed: 5m/s up to 10m/s

- PH: 2-13

- Model. TOMBO No.9040-W / 9040-WR


- All types of pump, mixers, dampers, etc. General application at pulp and paper mills.

- TOMBOTM No.9040-WR is suitable for the lines which lubricant is not allowed.

- Water base fluids (water, waste water, brine etc.), oil base fluids, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, weak acids, weak alkalis pulp slurry, white liquor.

- This packing is not used for the fluids which contamination is not allowed, such as drinking water, pharmaceuticals, comestibles, semi-conductor manufacturing etc.

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