TOMBO 1120

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- Because the main constituent of this gasket is expanded graphite, it has excellent heat resistance, steam resistance, and corrosion resistance. Scratch resistant and flexible. Can be used with relatively high temperature flanges, valves and equipment.

- This is newly developed non-asbestos gasketing sheet for high temperature application. Main material of expanded graphite is mixed with aramid fibers, rubber and chemicals and then processed by calendering machine.

- It can be used at 260℃×1MPa condition.

- This gasket can be used for 2MPa saturated steam.

- Seal performance and chemical resistance are quite similar to conventional asbestos joint sheets.

- Maximum outer diameter is 2520 mm and irregular shapes are available. 

- Not like graphite sheet, surface is not scratched by normal handling process. Also good in flexibility.

- Thanks to the flexibility of expanded graphite, bolt re-tightening is possible.

- It will not cause corrosion pitching when it is used for stainless steel flange


- Material: Main constituents: NBR, aramid fibers, expanded graphite

- Density: 1,4 to 1.6 g/cm3

- Tensile Strength: 20 N/mm2

- Max.Peak Temperature: +300 °C

- Max. Continuous Temp: -200ºC ~ 260ºC

- Max.Continuous Temperature with steam: + 214 °C

- Max. Operating Pressure: 4 Mpa

- Colour: Black


- Import: VINDEC


- Thickness: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0mm

- Size: 1270 x 1270 mm (1S), 1270 x 3810mm (3S), 2540 x 3810mm (6S)


- Water, Steam, Hot water, Petroleum hydrocarbon, Alcohol, Animal and mineral oil, Thermal oil, Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc) / organic solvents / thermal oils, Organic solvent, Weak acid, Weak alkalis, Saline, Air, Exhaust gas etc.

- Oxidizing acid (sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, chromic acid, etc.), Oxidizing salt, Halides, Combustion-supporting fluid (e.g. pure oxygen, etc.), Toxic gas etc.

- Petrochemical plants, Chemical, Steel plants, Thermal power plants, Air conditioning and sanitation equipment, Industrial etc.


- Asbestos free test report-SGS, API 6FA Fire Safe, BAM.

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