Carbon Fiber with Impregnated Graphite Packing


Carbon Fiber with Impregnated Graphite Packing

- Carbon fiber packing is Braided from strong carbon continuous yarns after softening, impregnated with proprietary lubricants and graphite particles, which fill voids, act as a break-in lubricant, and block leakage. The Inconel wire reinforcement provides increased mechanical strength, usually for static.

- Carbonized packing with graphite is widely used with revolving of reciprocating pumps,where media of chemical corrosion and grains of particles exist.

Technical Carbon Fiber with Impregnated Graphite Packing

- Material: Carbon Fiber, graphite

- Temperature Range: -50 ~ +650 °C

- Pressure range: Max. 200 Kg/cm2

+ Pressure Rotating: 20 bar - 25m/s

+ Pressure Reciprocating: 100 bar - 20m/s

+ Pressure Static: 200 bar - 20m/s

- Shaft Speed: 25 Mtrs/sec

- PH range: 2~12

- Density: 1.2 ~ 1.4g/cm3

- Size;: 4x4mm to 50x50mm

Application of Carbon Fiber with Impregnated Graphite Packing

- Used in weak acids and alkalis or media containing few grains of solid particles

- Both dynamic and static

- Main used for centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, mixers and valves.

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