Graphite with Inconel Wire Gland Packing


Graphite with Inconel Wire Gland Packing

- Made of flexible graphite yam and reinforced with several high temperature-resistant Inconel wires, having much high pressure tightness and much stable performances, applicable for static seal packing under high temperature and pressure.

- Graphite packing reinforced with wire is braided from expanded graphite yarns, reinforced with metal wire, normally reinforced with inconel wire.

- The wire reinforcement provides greater mechanical strength, used for high pressure and temperatures.

Technical Graphite with Inconel Wire Gland Packing

- Material: 100% Expanded Graphite with metal wire (Nickel, SS304, SS316, Inconel, copper, etc.)

- Temperature Range:

+ Temperature (Atmosphere) -200 up to +555 Deg.C atmosphere

+ Temperature (in Steam): -200 up to +650 Deg.C in Steam

- Pressure range:

+ Pressure (Rotating): 5 Mpa

+ Pressure (Reciprocating): 15 Mpa

+ Pressure (Valves ): 30 Mpa

- Shaft Speed: 20m/s in rotary

- PH range: 0~14

- Density: 1.5 g/cm3

- Size;: 4x4mm to 50x50mm

Application of Graphite with Inconel Wire Gland Packing

- Flexible graphite packing is a multi-service packing capable of a wide variety of uses throughout a plant.

- It can be used in valves, pumps, expansion joints, mixers and agitators in high-pressure and temperature.

- Excellent for use in steam turbines, high temperature motor-actuated valves

- High temperature and high pressure valve applications in general.

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