Graphite Yarn with Graphite Filled Packing


Flexible Graphite Yarn with Graphite Filled Packing

- This compression packing material consists of a rugged premium grade, high-performance graphite yarn twisted together into an interlock braid.

- This material protects shafts from scoring due to the special lubricant to provide a bearing film, which also acts as a blocking agent to prevent wicking.

- This style of compression packing reduces the coefficient of friction to practically zero. It dissipates heat and keeps the stuffing box cool, which allows for higher shaft speeds and reducing leak-off.

Technical Graphite Yarn with Graphite Filled Packing

- Material: 100% Expanded Graphite Yarn

- Temperature Range:

+ Temperature (Atmosphere): -240 up to + 450 Deg.C

+ Temperature (in Steam): -200 up to + 650 Deg.C in Steam

- Pressure range:

+ Pressure (Rotating): 3 Mpa

+ Pressure (Reciprocating): 10 Mpa

+ Pressure (Valves ): 300 Mpa

- Shaft Speed: 20 m/s in rotary

- PH range: 0~14

- Density: 1.5 g/cm3

- Size;: 4x4mm to 50x50mm

Application of Graphite Yarn with Graphite Filled Packing

- This style of packing can withstand largely elevated temperatures, aggressive chemicals, boasts a good thermal conductivity capability which makes it ideal for use in severe service valves and rotary shaft applications. It may also be used as end rings for packing sets utilizing softer packings that might tend to extrude.

- This severe service packing can be effectively applied on all rotating/reciprocating shafts, valves and agitators. Especially effective in digestors and chemical pumps.

- All rotating and reciprocating shafts, valves and agitators.

- Crystallizers, Filters, Mixers, and continuous digesters

- Pumps, Slip-type expansion joints, and reciprocating pump rods

- Strong Caustics, Acids, Chemicals and High-Pressure Steam

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