Pure Carbon Fiber Packing


Pure Carbon Fiber Packing

- Pure Carbon an Interbraid multiservice carbon filament packing for pumps and valves. It is a special packing with low friction characteristics adapted easily and quickly into the equipment and requires only occasional gland adjustments.

Technical Pure Carbon Fiber Packing

- Material: 100% Pure Carbon Fiber

- Temperature Range: -240 to +600 Deg.C

- Pressure range: 200 Kg/cm2

- Shaft Speed: 20 Mtrs/sec

- PH range: 0~14

- Density: 1.5 g/cm3

- Size;: 4x4mm to 50x50mm

Application of Pure Carbon Fiber Packing

- Its heat sinking ability makes this packing an ideal seal in high speed rotary equipment, sealing against boiler feed water, steam, oils, aromatic aliphatic solvents, acids and alkalis except fluorine, oleum, fuming nitric acid and aqua regia.

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